Life Lessons


This week has been an exciting one for me.  I’ve learned that my first novel will be coming out in 2019.  (Thank you, TouchPoint Press.) I’ve joined Twitter and Facebook to give me a launching point for when that release date finally comes.  I’ve been busy setting up this website, which is still a ways from being perfected. (My apologies. I am by no means computer savvy.)  And I started a blog – something I never thought I would do!

Life is not always what we expect.  Sometimes, we think one thing, and then suddenly life throws us an unexpected curve.  More often than not, those curve balls tend to knock us off track, but then there are those rare times, when we are given a special gift, and I would count this particular moment in my life as one of those rare treasures.

We wake up each morning not really know where the day will lead, but we have faith that it will lead us in a direction that will better our lives in some way or another.  Again, many times we are hit by unexpected bumps along the way, and often we stumble along the path of life.  It is then that we discover our hidden strengths because we can choose to stay down or get up.

In closing, let me leave you with this.  What will you choose to do when life knocks you down?  Will you stay down, or will you struggle to get up?  You know, staying down is the easy part.  Its in the struggle to get up that strengthens our character and hardens our resolve.  What obstacles have stood in the way of you reaching your goals?  I encourage you to persevere in the face of defeat and find your victory in whatever goals you have set for your life.


~ Kristopher


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