About the Author


I startAuthor 3-Colored writing as a child, and as a teenager, my hobby turned into a passion that has yet to be quelled. Inspired by one of my favorite authors, Stephen King, I write in the horror, thriller, and fantasy genres. Writing gives me the freedom to create my own world, and words bridge imagination and reality, which allows us to take adventures which might otherwise be impossible.

I live in Mississippi with my wife Marsha and our two sons, Brandon and Christian.  Serving as my greatest critics, my family fuels my creativity and gives me confidence to keep writing. 

As a writer, I hope to inspire others to have confidence in themselves and to follow their dreams. When writing, it is my greatest desire to give my readers a story that entertains and captivates them from beginning to end. To me, a successful story leaves the reader wanting more. Although Rabid is my first novel to be published, I am working on multiple projects.

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